Thursday, August 22, 2019

28mm Reaper - Spectre

The final and fourth session of my experiments with Citadel Contrast colors yielded the final three miniatures of the original 39. Pretty good looking figures for a minimum of effort. Plus I cleaned out several small storage drawers of ghosts and other haunted things, making room for newer stuff near my increasingly overcrowded work station. 

All this brought up new problems however: storing nigh 40 mostly oversized minis. I already have tons of troop trays for rank and file figures, but not much for these relatively big-based and tall models. 
This one was among the last as I hemmed and hawed over the final approach. I knew a full Aethermatic Blue approach wouldn't do any justice to the sculpt as this one has clearly a bone, skinless face and fleshy muscular arms. Plus, I've not been happy with the look of the blue and black next to each other. I also prefer this one emerging from the shadows as a more corporal entity despite having no physical means of locomotion, i.e., legs. So Templar Black was the principal color, Basilicanum Grey on the face, arms, and gravestone. I then went and, unlike the vast majority of the others, highlighted the skin back up with the Grayseer brush-on, with a drybrush of off-white at the end. The gravestone - an extra from the Grave Wraith figure seen earlier - was also drybrushed with an off white.
I think generally, the one thick coat worked out quite well here - I see several gradations of black and gray in all the right spots. The flesh could have been a bit lighter, but I was focusing on speed and simplicity here. No eye sockets meant no red eyes to drop in so this was mostly 10 minutes of principal painting, many more as is typical for cleaning, assembling, priming, drying, gluing, basing, etc. 
 Thanks for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!

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