Saturday, March 9, 2013

25mm Old Glory Cossack Wars Dismounted Cossacks Pt. 2

Despite their Renaissance attire these are intended for The 1812 Patriotic War as if they were  independent but well financed bands of partisans - Guard Cossacks assigned to guerilla duty perhaps?
As you know, Old Glory come in packs of 30 foot figures. This is the other 15 painted earlier in reds and yellows. I include an overview shot for comparison. I suppose if I ever did Cossack Wars they could be opposing bands nut for now they are united against that athiest Bonaparte!

I typically hate WIP's unless someone is asking for advice but these are all done but the sealing and the addition of the snow flock to the bases which look slightly plain here.

A singular appeal to OG's are that there are rarely exact duplicates - exact poses here have different heads at different angles - a great and simple way to add variety.

Here are the unique poses to this band. For rules purposes they will be equipped as they were sculpted so their morale may be higher relative to their brethren in the peasantry, but their weapons are antiquated thus, their ranges will be shortened. If they only have melee weapons then they had better get stuck in pretty quick then.
Back detail of the sole officer - one officer for 15 figures makes them relatively brittle which is what I want.

Some of these heads are found on both the Cossack Civilian packs as well as the Dancing Cossacks pack - pictures of all of that are on the blog here.

Bonus for melee but only a pistol for ranged work.

I really like this blue and brown motif. It provides a uniformity but it suggests some amount of wealth while cutting the ostentatiousness of these elaborately decorated coats.There's nothing especially Napoleonic about these uniforms but they'll do.

Antique muskets will be inferior to the Charville IX armed French so they'll be pressure to volley and close if they spot a weakness. But really I needed some Cossacks who can hold ground - there'll be plenty of cavalry coming up later.
Though there are Opelchenie figures out there there are no Russian partisan figures that I am aware of.

So my new thing is to dry brush all the textured ares right off the bat - before skin, before eyes, before anything - then I never have to mask off things or take any particular care in being tidy.

Some real characters in this pack yet here's more discharging of pistols gansta style!

Just under a hundred Russians done so far though 60 of them are unnarmed civilians. I'll do a couple cavalry units next and then a 1:1 full strength French voltigeur company of about 110 figures.

Thanks for looking! Questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged ...