Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another Move!

Across town this time - and probably the last for a few years. I had the luxury of time and the ability to convey all the fragile stuff myself so there will be no disastrous consequences this time.

All that said, it's still a lot of work to take down and set up a library. I was able to negotiate an expansion of the Man Cave so long as the majority of my books go in there as well. A price I'm happy to pay.

I've really been in a painting mood too which has been forgone and will continue to be until I get things in order.

Here's the bulk of the Military History books - I have many other sections throughout the house to deal with so this is maybe slightly less than a quarter of just books:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

28mm Eureka Miniatures Victorian Gentlemen & Victorian Ladies

These were done in 2005 and posted on CMON, but I wanted to flesh out the Victorian part of this blog. I've grouped them into logical pairs - the first at left is at a ball of some kind, the pair at right out in a wintry night.
Two pairs of menaced couples ...
I loved painting these up - nice solid details, flash free, great character.
For the ladies' dresses I referred to a Dover clip art book on Victorian fashion for inspiration.

 Thanks all for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcomed and encouraged.

25mm Wargames Foundry - Old West Townsfolk - Victorian Gents

I finished these in April of 2005 and posted them on CMON, but now that I have my own blog I thought I may as well host them here - sorry for the blanched pics.
There are so many good Victorian figures out there now - it's truly a Golden Age for Victorian gaming.

Close up of the more well-to-do pair Joe Blessinton (L) and Max Shelby (R).
Cooper Creel (L) and Brent Monroe (R).

All of these are from the Old West range but I've re-purposed them for London. That's Raggedy Jack there on the right who looks most out of place but Major Edwards, at left, looks right at home.

Same body, different heads. I especially like the one on the right who is called Kirby Heartsill, in black at left is Digory Kent.