Tuesday, April 2, 2013

28mm Eureka Miniatures Victorian Gentlemen & Victorian Ladies

These were done in 2005 and posted on CMON, but I wanted to flesh out the Victorian part of this blog. I've grouped them into logical pairs - the first at left is at a ball of some kind, the pair at right out in a wintry night.
Two pairs of menaced couples ...
I loved painting these up - nice solid details, flash free, great character.
For the ladies' dresses I referred to a Dover clip art book on Victorian fashion for inspiration.

 Thanks all for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcomed and encouraged.


  1. An awesome paintjob. Each and every of the miniatures looks perfect.


  2. Nice sharp painting. Good color choices. (Choosing good color combos for my Victorians always causes me fits, resulting in way too much research.) I like your style. These look like they would work well with West Wind's Victorians.