Tuesday, June 3, 2014

28mm Brigade Games Duellists

Excellent pair of figures from Paul Hicks. Like everyone else I did them as the Hussars (7th & 3rd Regiments) from the film of the same name though their faces aren't quite right.

Their faces are a bit dodgy as I tried out a new tri-color mix that I thought seemed promising: From Vallejo's Panzer Aces range: Shadows flesh, Base Flash, Highlights Flesh. Sounds good, yeah? Big mistake - they are way too far apart from each other to blend nicely. I had to flesh wash them a couple times and re-do bits to get it all to harmonize. I think I'll stick to my tried and true recipe instead.
My Chainmail silver may need replacing - sure seems grainy on that sword. My paints have been lying around a while. The other possibility is I've had some issues with fuzzy primers here and there so some surfaces are a bit more coarse than others.

Meadow Flowers from Battleground Miniatures adorn both bases  - along with GW's standard base "grass".

I've taken to dry brushing hair lately fin the interests of speed - the first thing I do as it's messy. Comments on that? 

They'll need a hit of Dullcote to bring it all together.

I thought about making them into a single piece vignette but I decided to do them separately so they can suspend their animus and turn on Napoleon's enemies instead. As you know, I only paint miniatures for gaming not display.
Those have been in progress for a couple years now so I'm glad to finally get them off the paint table.

Thanks for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged. I have a lot of variety in my upcoming projects so stay tuned!