Saturday, April 24, 2021

Winterized White Birch Project, Part 1

 Still not totally back into the hobby world, but I did bite today and picked up some things from Hobby Lobby to try my hand at making winterized birch trees for the Russian Retreat game.

I figured there would be a learning curve of some kind, the biggest hurdle was figuring out floral tape. I was about to return it for being old and not sticking until I checked online first. Very sticky stuff after all! 

Just seven strands of white floral wire netted me these three trees. There are 70 such wires per $6 bag, of which I bought three, so should net me, so long as I don't vary the thickness or heights much, over 600 trees! I'll never make that many.  This was a trial and will be a very time consuming process with no obvious way to streamline it. I'll put together a few here and there when idle. 

 My thumbs hurt from the twisting and bending it takes to screw these into shape plus the ends can be sharp and will let you know if you're not careful. 

These are still really sticky to the touch so I believe I'm to let them dry a few days. I've not divined the ideal basing system but there'll be singles, some rows and then clumps on cd-roms I imagine.

These aren't done, just the shapes are completed. A sharpie will came out after they are dry and the customary black markings will be on them in a flash, followed by the basing. Should be a simple process.

Thanks for looking -questions and comments are welcome and encouraged!