Monday, November 29, 2010

Essex 15mm ACW Zoaves

Early war Confederate unit based for Johnny Reb.

Great miniatures Essex ...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

RAFM Maniacs

Not sure what I'm going to uses these for exactly but they were fun to paint up.

Ghost Miniatures Rangers

This is a fairly underrated line of miniatures in my book ..


Zombie Horde

From a zombie game Halloween 2005.
As I look at these over 5 years later I think I should have done broken urban terrain on the unquestionably modern sculpts (the Copplestone ones primarily)
Mostly West Wind zombies in the front here, GW ones in the back ...

Copplestone zombies in front ...

Note the flame effects on a couple of these ... Those were done for two reasons: 1) There were a couple miscast castings whose limbs couldn't be fixed with paint alone and 2) I had a blob of green stuff left over from another project that needed an immediate purpose before it dried up.

Foundry American Civil War

These I painted up as gifts to my gaming group in Fresno, California. And they each got a box of rocks too!

25mm Old Glory - Indian Mutiny - 93rd Highlanders

This unit was my parting gift to the Indian Mutiny Wargaming Group on Yahoo. I was a founding member but had to leave the group when I moved to Texas in May of 2008.