Friday, April 27, 2018

25mm Old Glory French in Great Coats Upgraded and Winterized Prep

In the Summer of 2013 I started prepping the French force for my 1812 Russian Retreat game. I was going to model a single company of voltigeurs and needed more variety. I bought all the Elites in Greatcoat from Old Glory, then the Energetic Infantry (from here I drew what were to be my NCO player characters) and Casualties too. Those latter packs needed epaulets on many figures so I added those on and then added scarves in various ways to other figures so that each figure was a complete original. Old Glory makes that easy already.

Here's the results if you want a sense of the Before and After. I'm doing the tête de colonne now and remember that I never shared these.

Non-regulation, fur trimmed coat for the senior officer of this command.
At 1:1 there'll be only one Eagle in this game. I am going to put a flag on there though.

I needed a Fourier co the guy in the oversized Cossack hat is he. I would do that differently today, making it much smaller, but he is easily identifiable. Keen observers will note the Perry figure at right.

These are the eight Corporals

Most of the Energetic infantry don't have epaulets so I had to add them here. Note the beard on the guy at bottom left.

On to the casualties:

Thanks for looking - I'm looking forward to getting to these at last.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

25mm Ral Partha Bucks & Boar

More food markers for a ravenous French army, or subjects of a scenario that potentially ends badly for a desperate foraging party.

Imagine hungrily chasing a deer into the woods only to encounter a band of very angry partisans, or maybe a sotnia of Cossacks?

I've been stalling on the French because of lack of cornetists in greatcoat for this voltigeur compangie I'm building. They are all primed and ready to go, but I'm really averse to giving them drums. I may have to model other parts of the battalion and circle back.

In any case, thanks for looking. Questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

25mm Ral Partha, Three Bears & More

Three bears from Ral Partha. The middle sized one (at right) I learned after I finished is supposed to be a black bear and it does look a bit different than the other two. Too late now - I don't often revisit that kind of thing. I do like the Foundry ones slightly better, but I don't really need any more. These are either food markers or something to menace the stragglers (to go along with the wolves) for the 1812 Retreat game I'm building.

Building in the back is a pre-painted, and very dusty, Russian Izba from Pegasus Hobbies. To the side is an unfinished segment from the 4Ground set of Weathered Wood Picket Fences - more on those later as I complete them.

In the fore are lengths of palisade fencing from Renendra connected and affixed to lengths of strip basing - also from Renendra.

I made four such lengths of these - all made with one pack. They each run exactly 1 foot plus a quarter inch gap on either side. I probably should make something to denote a broken section.
I really can't abide too many short pieces because the joins and gaps are so unseemly. Same attitude with roads - hate little 6 inch segments all run together - just looks terrible.
All of these manufacturers mentioned above are excellent with eminently useful pieces.
 Thanks all for looking - questions, comments, followers are welcome and encouraged!