Saturday, January 8, 2011

15mm Peter Pig Pirate Range: Civilians

   I'll try not to ever post WIP's unless I really need help with something, but I have it it my head not to base any of these until they are all done to insure uniformity within the range. 
   The solution of course is to just make a note of what I've done and apply it but I haven't quite decided how I want to base these ultimately. Sandy beach is the front runner.
Pack 13: Governor, Bodyguards and Priests
   These packs are just the civilian portion of a good sized collection of 15mm piratey stuff. It includes, to be featured later, pirates from Peter Pig, Minifigs, Eureka, Museum, Blue Moon, and others whose names I've forgotten. 
Matching uniforms? Sure, why not?
   As always, questions and comments are encouraged and followers are welcome.
Pack 29: Mob with Machetes
All of these but the six women at the bottom were painted about 10 years ago.

Half @$$ composition here but this is two packs of Pack 27: Armed Mob

Two sets here of Pack 19: Women

Part 2 of Pack 19: Women

I finished these six today as a break from 25mm for a little bit. I had done the skin years ago so it was just a question of choosing the dress colors.
Pastels are easily created by just adding white to whatever color you choose as a base. Left to right: VGC Turquoise, Armoury Gun Carriage Green, V Brown Ochre, VCG Terracotta, V Brown Rose, GW Vomit Brown
I have almost 200 pirates done in the same style that I will feature at a later date. Thanks for looking - there's much more to come!


  1. really good.
    The lack of civilians in 1/72nd scale is a real pain sometimes.
    These would make a great "angry mob" as well.
    I look forward to more

  2. Really nicely painted, I like the look of the governor, he'd go well as a general in my NYW army, Peter Pig here I come!!

  3. Really nice collection - can't wait to see these all in a game.


  4. Really nice figures and even better painting.

  5. Those are some nice sculpts & very neatly painted. If I were to go 15mm, PP is surely one I would consider. Dean

  6. Clearly the painting enhanced greatly most of the minis!
    A great collection -looking forward to discover the rest and see the whole in action.