Sunday, August 12, 2012

Work Station 2012

I finally set up at the new place a few months ago. I've moved 4-5 times in the last seven years and have the worst profile for doing so. Wargamer, with tons of painted miniatures. Booklover/Collector with tons of books. Stubborn, won't get rid of either. Ergo every move is painful psychically and physically. Nice to have a permanent spot though .. Around the corner mostly un-pictured is a figure prep station. That's the back of a bookcase for a wall there and my back is to yet another bookcase with ballast, tufts, and various extra paints, primers and basing materials.
Lots of Polly S in here and many off brands I've picked up over the years. Quite honestly, I could get by on JUST Reaper but I do like Citadel. I can count on one hand how many bottles of paint I've used up over the years. Otherwise I let attrition by dried out bottles curb my excesses.

It's very likely I'll be able to maintain order here - the rest of the space? Forget it ... (the coffee looks nastier than it seems)
[EDIT - These are from 10 minutes ago .. no clean up. It's held up pretty well.]

[EDIT - Clutter happens when there's no natural home for something. I've kept colors loosely together so there's always a home once I assign the basic area for greens or reds or whatever.]

[EDIT - Here's the figure prep area. Russian Hussars and French Voltigeurs in progress ...]

Thanks for looking!

25mm Ral Partha Zombies

These have been posted elsewhere but I want to freshen up the page a bit. Lots of new stuff coming, Victorian Londoners, Napoleonics and more - but for now, some rotten old zombies figs ...
Chris Fitzpatrick of Crocodile Games sculpted these ages ago and they are just great. He did a modern set too I have around unpainted somewheres.
The blue background made these a little "cooler" than they appear under normal lighting.
Questions and comments welcome!

25mm Reaper Miniatures Zombie

I'm less impressed with the other two I did in this 3 figure set but she's a keeper ...!
Thanks for looking! Questions and comments are welcome and encouraged ...

25mm Games Workshop Zombies

I like this red & black motif for an undead army that will probably never, ever get completed but is fun to work on. These were painted in 2005.

I try to have odds and ends miniatures around when I paint in the likely event I have left over color - that's a real drawback to dropper bottles ...Zombies are great because of the lack of uniformity.
Thanks for looking! I'm slowly chipping away at various projects but I like to have new stuff up from time to time.