Thursday, December 30, 2010

28mm Victorian London Characters

Blue Moon Manufacturing Victorian London Civilians

Blue Moon has been a great company .. lotta character on these.

I got ideas for fabric patterns and the ones below from HBO's Deadwood.
These two are from Brigade Games. Thanks Painter Bob!

I haven't counted these in a while but I'm approaching 100 figs painted for Victorian London, with similar basing as these - mostly Foundry and Eureka. More can be found at my Cool Mini or Not collection at: Questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!

25mm Mega Miniatures Street Thugs Pt 2. Final

The ones Mega Miniatures have painted on their package has the bat boys with  mustaches. That wasn't apparent at all on the sculpts so clean lipped they became.

Experiments with blacks, blues and red ...

The whole gang. Zombie hunter henchmen or

rival gang, or just plain ol zombies of tomorrow ...?

25mm Lance & Laser's Talislanta: Kasmir Trapsmith

I did Vallejo brush on sealers and it never went perfectly matte so I did 2 coats of Testor's Dull Cote to very limited effect ..=/

25mm Ral Partha Ravenloft Ratik Umbel

One more for the masses ... though Ral Partha calls him "Ratik Ubel"
Experimental mud technique which may or may not be my method here on out. Applied too much to the back of the legs though ..

Monday, December 27, 2010

15mm Minifigs French Foreign Legion: Bedouin & Tuareg Cavalry

These were completed a couple years ago. Best flag I ever did on these, one of the worst is on the Tuareg cavalry unit below.
I didn't quite have enough to do a whole unit but there ya go.
These too were finished just a few years ago. Mixed in are figures from the Minifigs Crusades range which serve perfectly well.

I believe I was trying to write out Allah on this flag but I am more certain than ever that my flag references betrayed me.

Next up and a final update for FFL for awhile will be the mounted half of the Legion Mule company. Stay tuned ...

15mm Minifigs French Foreign Legion: Mule Company Pt. 1

Just finished these yesterday - mounted counterparts coming up soon.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

25mm Goblin Factory Goblin Lord

This is the commander of a rather large force of goblins I'm putting together. I tried to get one of every single sculpt that Goblin Factory does which is approaching many tens of miniatures.
The last time I talked to the proprietor a few years ago at Historicon, he said he soon had to go back to active duty. I have not seen any update on his site ever since so I hope he's ok. These are hands down the best goblins I've ever seen and he promised a bunch of other things too halflings or dwarves I thought.

25mm Essex Colonial Egyptians

I have no intention of doing any large scale Sudan game so these will serve as just an Egyptian faction for a Darkest Africa game. 

For 25's Essex figures are pretty bulky but still usable and they paint up nice I think.

Monday, December 20, 2010

25mm Mega Miniatures Street Thugs Pt 1.

I still don't have this painting rig set up quite right. I really need a permanent, well lit place for photographing.

These will serve as one step above unarmed civilians and one step below veteran zombie hunters in my sloooooow going zombie project.

Pt 2 is painted but not yet sealed .. stay tuned ...

Friday, December 17, 2010

15mm Old Glory French 1812

Here are the three Ligne regiments in this division in Marechal Ney's Third Corps complete with a section of battalion guns for each. Based for Empire V.
These were painted about 15 years ago I'd guess.
This is of course an illegal formation, or one which begets many penalties until rectification.

Here's one of four battalions painted as the Legere regiment for this Division. The film on two of these comes from improper sealing. At the time I didn't know how to fix but I do now - but I'll do it later ...
Command, Engineer and Cantiniere elements as well as the two, I forget which, battalions of misc Minifigs French off to the left, Legere in the van.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

15mm French Foreign Legion

Company overview. When I started these there was no internet and the only thing I had to go on for painting guides was the movie March or Die and some black and white images I Xeroxed off an old library book. I'm not repainting though I know the marching unit to the right rear has a "wtf" quality to it.

My only plan when I did these was to apply wash over a white overcoat. I've touched these up a bit over the years but in no way have I corrected their serious flaws. Generally, these weren't cleaned, primed or painted properly at all. Ah well, I'll claim youth and the "arms length" excuse ...=D

I re-based these when I re-did the Arabs and I'm really glad I did as the wooden ones they were on couldn't be described as uniform in any meaningful way. Basing them all at the same time brought some much needed cohesion to a force that had been painted over the course of almost 30 years.

The Stone Mountain firing unit and artillerymen were picked up at Historicon a few years back and brought to the standard of the existing units. However, they were glued so solidly to their round bases I couldn't get them off without serious damage to the them. I'da preferred that, since these need to be ranked up, they be on square bases but there ya go. 

Next up, a Mule Company painted up to modern standards (Better than all these) and some slightly lesser quality cavalry for both sides. Questions, comments and followers welcome!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

15mm French Foreign Legion: Bedouin & Tuaregs

I painted these Minifigs Bedouins I think on a plane when I was around 12. Oh yeah, I had, paints, an Xacto knife and superglue. This had to have been around 1982-83? It's one of the very first units I ever painted using washes almost exclusively. Zoom in at your peril.

Minifigs Bedouins
Minifigs Bedouins: My first arabs were painted so bad I deliberately did a simple job on these many years later so there'd be some continuity of some kind. That's true of most of this stuff.
Minifigs Tuaregs with Swords
Minifigs Crusader range if I recall correctly. Tuareg riflemen in back.
Up front here are Minifigs Crusades range mixed with Essex and Minifigs Tuareg command. Painted the same they blend in fairly well.
These Stone Mountain Tuaregs are painted with probably the most sophistication of all these and were completed maybe 6-7 years ago. One of the last units I added to this range.
Almost all Minifigs except for Essex mixed in the full unit to the right.
Overview detail
Terribly lit overview of the 10 infantry units. There was no Internet when over half the flags were painted so I guessed, guessed terribly wrong too but I won't repaint them.