Thursday, July 26, 2018

15mm Old Glory Napoleonic Württembergers

Throwback Thursday! First a pair of Historical entries followed by a pair of Fantasy ones.

Completed during the 90's sometime, these were created for Empire and as I did then, I decided to double up the numbers as I didn't care for the anemic strips of single ranked figures. This is in actual fact a brigade comprised of the First and Fourth Wurttembergers with the requisite brigadier. Nobody made Wurttemberger light infantry or Germans of any kind in greatcoats so the other half of this brigade are actually French infantry in greatcoats (unpictured) that I doctored up to fill in.

I had hatched up a hare brained scheme whereby I would base all the French in white snow covered bases, the German allies in just brown fields, and the Russians in green grass fields so that they would all be easily identifiable on the table. Very silly in retrospect - and it was not as clear to me then that snowfall didn't occur until after the retreat was well underway.

I can't recall who made the flags - very possibly it was Old Glory too.

In these double up units - I used the NCO figures to command the second line.

My daughters love the pink facings
The horse artillery battery - those guns can double for French ones as well. The crews have 2 single figures and three stands of 2 figures - one in front, one in back that could nestle in between the gun carriages. I thought that was clever.

The foot artillery - as you can see, I was divided about how to base the guns. I think I prefer them with gunners on a single base like these

They become nice pieces in and of themselves with the gunners along.
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15mm Old Glory Napoleonic French High Command Vignettes & Miscellenea

Thowback Thursday number 2!

These were completed in the 90s sometime. I definitely would have done round bases with these and thought slightly more about the composition than I did here. Nonetheless, they are handsome pieces.

L'Empereur himself having a lovely chat with a curaissier general. Old Glory 15s continues to make these sets with various Marshals and vignette pieces. I believe I bought them all except for the trophies one, since I've locked in to Russia and the British/Spanish as the belligerents I'd collect, I had no need for all the captured Austrian flags.

I do think the Chasseur came out well.

Funny to think that there was a time when "tufts" were not a thing.
French general with his pair of trollops

I'm certain I could do these much better today.
French ADC surveying the scene

The cantiniere is Old Glory, but the French infantry officer is Minifigs. My bases have taken a beating over the years.

This is actually an Essex piece. I was confident I had the colors right when I painted this, but I have my doubts about this scheme now. I also would have done the olive green for the cart instead of the bare wood. Would my sources lie? [Edit- I've been helpfully reminded that this is an ambulance and that the colors are indeed correct. Thanks LF!]

 Also, my source was the Funcken illustration:

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28mm Reaper Goblins & a Citadel Night Goblin

Throw Back Thursday - Part 3 - from the Fantasy trays is a random assortment of goblins  - mostly Reaper, but a Citadel Night Goblin in there as well. I think he came in a White Dwarf special. I have about 12 more from other manufacturers done in the same style, completed at the same time, but I'll save them for a later date.

I'm also wrapping up a large set of  the beloved Goblin Factory Goblins so these will be of a different tribe entirely in their toxic unnatural greens.
Ben Siens' Goblin Shaman at center with John Manor's Goblin Warriors to either flank

These were also done well over 10 years ago. I basically didn't start doing 25/28s until the turn of the century after I walked into my first GW store in Greenwhich Village in NYC - up until that point it was all 15mm historicals.

More from Ben Siens at Reaper  - the leader, a goblin mage, then aone from Goblins II with the GW Night Goblin spearman at right. He's sort of his own thing and I only have the one.

I've said it elsewhere that sometimes I think I was a better painter some years ago than I am today! I still can learn from my earlier work. It's also possible that the great sculptures help a lot compared to the relatively stiff historical figures I've been doing of late.

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25mm Fantascenes Reluctant Fighters & Revolting Peasants

Easily over 10 years old - and the miniatures themselves are way older than that (from the 90s I've learned).  Sometimes I feel like my painting has degraded over the years as these turned out rather nice.

Fantascenes had a lof of interesting and odd things:

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

15mm Old Glory French Hussars and French Dragoons

Throwback Thursday! These are some of my earliest stuff as a "serious" painter.
9th Hussars move into action. These are easily around 30 years old. For some reason, I intended to double everything because I was always weirded out by the 1:60 man ratios that Empire required. so this is twice the amount of 9th Hussars I'll ever need and I recall being quite pleased with myself after finishing them. Another thing, the infantry and artillery is fine, but cavalry seems to be too spread out on the requisite sized bases.

These Dragoons were intended for Iberian operations. I was far less creative with the stones than I am now. Like the 9th Hussars above, this is twice the amount I'll need for this regiment. I also erred in thinking the grenadier in bearskin figure was the officer. There's so much better material out there now than there was when I got to work on these.
Thanks for looking! Historicals take a holiday for the moment as somehow I got massively distracted by dwarves this week, prepping around 90 of them the last couple days. One thing about much of the fantasy stuff I have is that equipment is fairly minimal so they should be relatively quick to churn out.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Historicon 2018 - Friday's Tables of Interest

I'm nearly always a day-tripper to Historicon so here''s a selection of the sights I saw Friday morning.

The Host was a mess in a lot of ways, but it didn't particularly detract from my short visit. Wally's Basement was too dark to see many of the offerings and I thought the Dealer Hall was better with the narrower corridors - made it appear like there was more lively commerce occurring than normal.

Beautiful table for this WW2 game

I dunno wot the 'ell this one is! =D

A FIW game ready to go - Folks decry lichen, but I believe it has it's purposes.

Clever - all one base.

These cannon fire clouds markers all had flashing LEDs in them which I singularly failed to capture.

This one might be familiar to you - it's creator has posted on TMP with some regularity.

This Poland Spring bottle's card never came up enough to get it into action, so it remained, I assume, well out of action for the entire game.

Sorry if you told the Missus you were at the office today - I generally tried to not photograph faces.

Nazi DAK vs Egyptian deities and their minions

DAK enters Jurassic Park

Necromunda - not my thing, but I know a nice table when I see one.

Peninsular action in the HAWKS room.

Love it all but the visually jarring forest floor perimiters - they look quite out of place here.

All in all a lovely day in Lancaster, caught up with many, had lovely lunch with the family, made minimal purchases and got home at a reasonable hour.
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