Sunday, October 25, 2015

28mm West Wind - Gothic Horror - Cooper & Team

This is the last of the character packs for this Caribbean Zombie game. The rules governing these characters and the campaign can be found in the Gothic Horror - Vampire Wars - Realms of Terror Vol. 2
I pretty much knew where I was going to go with Cooper (trying that outline/edging method that West Wind did with some of their EotD range). And Father Dupont reminded me of the preacher in Poltergeist II. As for Simon and Marcus, I was actually trying a method intended for Napoleonic French blue. Marcus shows the failed way - too purple. But I may just have it with Simon. I like having oddball figures around to test schemes on before I do the serious stuff.
Next up Colonial Police and the forces of light are completed!

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Friday, October 23, 2015

28mm West Wind - Gothic Horror - Lady Doctor & Staff

These are from West Wind's small but wonderful Caribbean themed Zombie range.
According to the GH: VW: Realms of Terror supplement many of the figures are named. Not all, but I've added a few (L to R - italics are the names in the book - otherwise I picked it):
 Dr. Marielle (Serpent & the Rainbow), Alexis (Fr. "helper"), George, Nurse Desmarais ("of the swamp")
  • George's skin is unmodified, straight from the three-color Foundry set, African Flesh. 
  • The dirt is VGC Earth then 50:50 VGC Earth + VGC Khaki then VGC Khaki on it's own. 
  •  Swamp Tufts from Army Painter.
I knew the black pants here were going to be problematic but I just couldn't think of how to handle these long mostly unwrinkled legs. I probably shouldn't have highlighted it at all except for the behind-the knee creases.
The last pack of heroes for this game are nearly finished then it's on to the police and then voodoo warriors.

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Sunday, October 18, 2015

28mm West Wind - Gothic Horror - Amazonian Explorers

Here's four of the heroes to be pitted against the Voodoo uprising.

 According to the GH: VW supplement Realms of Terror, these figures all have names: (L to R): 
Dr. Delasandro, Miss Carpenter, Mike McBrice and Dr. Chatterwick

 These are from the Piranha Men of the Amazon range - a game I have no interest in doing at all but the figures are still quite useful. I've been on the fence about the Steamer Crew but to date have not even purchased them.
Eight more good guys almost finished then a squad of Colonial Police and this force is finished.

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

From Waterloo Reeanctment

These photos are not my own but were posted by Alex Maréchal Mercier on Facebook. Copyright Olivier Papegnies and Frédéric Pauwels
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