Saturday, July 6, 2013

15mm Size Chart [Updated 7/8/13]

Town Drunks #1

Town Drunks #2

Town Drunks #3

Townspeople #1

Townspeople #2

American Civil War #1

Viewer comments reminded me to add Stone Mountain and Battle Honours as well as an HO Scale representative. They are not perfect compares because the poses are slightly different but you should get an idea.
I love Peter Pig and I have them for 3-4 periods but they are not compatible with Blue Moon - even in separate units in my view.
Truth be told, though I have quite a few from Peter Pig and Blue Moon, I'm NOT using the miniatures from those two manufacturers in my main ACW armies based for Johnny Reb.

Blue Moon I bought to do Brother Against Brother - (two figures per stand) and I'm not sure what to do with the PP ones - I only have a couple dozen of them.

I have a couple other manufacturers too I noticed going through the unpainted stuff - some I bought from Eureka - then there was a more recent release from Essex that were a fair bit smaller than their original releases.

I could almost do similar shots for Pirates and just might ...



  1. Yes, useful.

    Not a 15 mm user but these style articles are very useful.



  2. My army is mainly Old Glory and ABs (which I think are Battle Honours) and they all go together well. There are some other brands mixed in as well, at least a few Essex and Stone Mountain. Having built an Ancients army using just one very unique source of figures (Tin Soldier) I was happy to go with whatever figures turned up for my ACW (and also Napoleonics). Generally I build units based on a single manufacturer.

  3. Very useful as I was looking at Peter Pig for some figures but will now pass as the rest of my ACW figures are OG15s, Blue Moon and AB.


    1. Ya - I need to do one for my pirate range. there's quite a spread in there too. Blue Moon is just it's own thing I think. I'm making them heroic figures with better stats than the smaller figs.