Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Embossed Victoria Cross Gallery Cards by Harry Payne (1858–1927) & Misc Crimean War Cards

 I've had these in a box unseen in many many years. I got them at the British Army Museum in 2001 and I'd gone back more recently, hoping to get more to no avail. Indeed, the clerks at the aforementioned Museum told me that had no idea what I was referring to and that they had no such thing in stock. [Edit 3/17/21: I learned today the name of the artist and that there are only 12 in this series so I do have them all.]

In any event - here are some quick snaps of them for your perusal. I have every intention of framing them properly. The first series depicts the heroic moment for which a Victoria Cross was awarded. Apologies for the glare and shadows. In no particular order and without comment: 

This second series of post cards came in a small set and are thoroughly modern I believe: 



I'm still on a long hobby break but the urge is returning ... please stay tuned. Thanks for looking!