Saturday, September 29, 2012

Russian Patriotic War Postcards

I did not intend to ever post stuff that wasn't expressly miniature related but these are just too good not to share. If these were miniatures, they DO NOT exist but they should. That's true of many of them below.
They were posted on a Facebook friends page. Should I have asked permission to repost?
This is a great guide for any sculptors who want to fill a gaping hole in a Napoleonic character line. There exists Patriotic War miniatures in a ton of sizes - none in 25mm.

Brutal, brutal campaign. Death came whenever and wherever it wanted as these Poles are discovering.


To say life was cheap is an understatement of considerable magnitude. Unit cohesion - non-existent through much of the Grand Armee ...

Most assuredly this did not end well for the grenadier. And again, excellent sculpting references for partisans. I'm ad-hocing (yes, it's a verb now) Renaissance Cossacks to represent them - not even close in appearance.

If anyone can provide links to more, from what I'm gussing is this series or related ones, please list them below.

EDIT - A TMP'er found more ..and without the postcard frame ...

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

25mm B'Hoys Gang Members with Longarms

The cut of the cloth is far closer to the 1850's than the Holmes/Ripper era 80's and 90's, but eschewing the bright colors and patterns helps bridge them forward.

Like the Morts, these are intended fro North America yet to London they will go ...

Rough guess: I have over a hundred Victorian civilians done up with over a hundred to go. The period is nicely catered to sans the East End buildings that are not as widely available as the figures.

B'Hoys! are available from The Virtual Armchair General.
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25mm B'Hoys! Morts (Women Brawlers)

Terrific figures from Thrilling Combat Miniatures from the most excellent purveyor, and all around good egg, - The Virtual Armchair General

These are also intended for North America methinks but I've whisked them away to participate in the as yet unimagined terrors of Victorian London ...
I really wi$h Bobby Jack$on could be per$uaded to come back and fini$h thi$ wonderful range. Maybe a Kickstarter campaign?
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25mm Brigade Games Victorian Characters Unified

These too, were posted all broken up so I thought I'd bring them together according to the pack contents.
I always get timid in highlighting but I hit the sweet spot on these - especially on the black areas.
Great figures and are the Not Gangs of New York. All of these will be re-purposed to a Victorian Horror game.
A clue that these were painted at roughly the same time: the paving stones are roughly the same size.
I really love Brigade Games figures - nice clean casts, great folds in the cloths - good solid details.

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25mm Brigade Games Gansters w/Pistols Unified

Most hav these are published already elsewhere but I thought I'd bring the pack together though they were finished over the space of 4-5 years.

The center figure may very well have been sculpted as a white but not to my eyes ...

Midway through this project, and after a trip to London, I noticed the paving stones are a lot bigger than those represented in my earlier efforts.

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

25mm Warlord Vivandiere - The Soldier's Comfort

So what's the difference between the Vivandiere and the Cantiniere? Apparently the former worked the battlefield itself while the latter stayed in camp. I guess that may vary from army to army and time to time but that seems to be the basic gist.
Following on the work of others, we assumed the broccoli thing on the donkey was, well, broccoli? I actually see that there may be flowers sculpted in there but it was against the theme of a wretched retreat ...

These are cool figures but there are mysterious items being carried that I have no idea what they are. It looked like a horse shoe on the red cloth so I made it a horse shoe cloth. what the hell is that? I don't know.

I have 2 Cantinieres from Eureka and another one of these Vivandiere sets. I'll have one of each in Russian snows and the other pair based for the Iberian Peninsula.

Tufts are from
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

28mm Reaper's Chronoscope Sister Maria, Nun & Reaper's Savage Worlds Reverend Grimme

The priest is a tad more wild eyed than I was hoping but hey, he's in a state yeah! The nun's habit was mostly dry brushed and may be just a tad too sublte.
It DOES say "Holy Bible" on the book but the pic may be too dim to make out. I did it in pen.

I had the option of putting various weapons in the hands of both of these but decided my peace time selections were best. I'll have other clergy armed with more considerable firepower later.
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25mm Brigade Games Gangsters with Pistols


These are the last two of this 5-figure pack ...
The sculpts scream to be in Old West settings but I chucked that for a London Victorian Horror game.
I probably won't use Dwarven Forge as backdrops on these in the future ... Not quite right.

The paving stones was a motif I started ages ago and now for consistency sake I continue the tradition. They are course, and they are cartoony but it's far too late now to start cutting off bases and all that ...
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