Sunday, September 9, 2012

28mm Reaper's Chronoscope Sister Maria, Nun & Reaper's Savage Worlds Reverend Grimme

The priest is a tad more wild eyed than I was hoping but hey, he's in a state yeah! The nun's habit was mostly dry brushed and may be just a tad too sublte.
It DOES say "Holy Bible" on the book but the pic may be too dim to make out. I did it in pen.

I had the option of putting various weapons in the hands of both of these but decided my peace time selections were best. I'll have other clergy armed with more considerable firepower later.
Thanks for looking - Questions, comments and followers are welcome! Plenty more to come ...


  1. Great painting! Don't really suppose there's anything else you could have done with the nun, but she looks fine to me.

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