Thursday, September 13, 2012

25mm Warlord Vivandiere - The Soldier's Comfort

So what's the difference between the Vivandiere and the Cantiniere? Apparently the former worked the battlefield itself while the latter stayed in camp. I guess that may vary from army to army and time to time but that seems to be the basic gist.
Following on the work of others, we assumed the broccoli thing on the donkey was, well, broccoli? I actually see that there may be flowers sculpted in there but it was against the theme of a wretched retreat ...

These are cool figures but there are mysterious items being carried that I have no idea what they are. It looked like a horse shoe on the red cloth so I made it a horse shoe cloth. what the hell is that? I don't know.

I have 2 Cantinieres from Eureka and another one of these Vivandiere sets. I'll have one of each in Russian snows and the other pair based for the Iberian Peninsula.

Tufts are from
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  1. Excellent painting, I didn't know there was a difference with a Vivandiere and a Cantiniere!