Saturday, February 18, 2017

28mm Wargames Factory - Zombie Horde

I bought these when they first came out and based and primed them up individually as I do all zombies. However, after a series of games with the group it became a tedious endeavor to move roaming groups of single zombies.

I had assembled many of them badly and over-primed what were already shallow details - especially around the mouths and glasses,  that I thought -screw it - these are perfect for mass basing. No one will notice how awful they came out.

All 24 on common variety fender washers available anywhere - and based for easy casualty removal.

The eye details - part sculpting, part my fault, just made me do the standard glowy, blind eyes. This group has been on my desk for years and I've pecked away at them between other models; its useful to have non-regimented figs around like zombies or pirates around for when there is left over color on the palette.

I would assemble these much differently today. Then I was going for mass variety which led to some improbable combinations and even odder posing.
Thanks for looking - questions and comments are welcome and encouraged!