Saturday, June 26, 2021

Citadel Contrast Paints: Flesh and Hair Variants


My obsession with Citadel Contrast Paints continues! This time for some peasants for no particular game - though most likely fodder for any number of Fantasy villains.

I thought I'd create a useful reference on the differences between the three "human" flesh colors they offer, but honestly, they are so subtle side-by-side it's hard to really rank them. I think you could use any of them and be satisfied.

This was the darkest out of the bottle and I thought it would be my favorite so I did two out of the four bases with it. As always, it requires the simplest of attention and it's all done. Everything pictures here is just one coat, pretty fast.

Guilliman is the lightest with Darkoath in the middle. Very difficult to tell and the shadow created by the longer hair makes it seem darker than they appear.

Darkoath Flesh

This is the lightest out of the bottle.

As I said, I think you could use any of them and be quite satisfied with them. I'll finish these up quick and see how they look all completed. 

 BONUS: I did the hair to see of that would help you see how the faces turned out: 

The best colors in my judgement are as follows: for gingers, Gore Grunta Fur; for blondes, Skeleton Horde is the most natural; for brunettes, Wyldewood looked best to me.

I'll probably never use the Gore Grunta for hair unless it's a civilian model where a redhead would add variety. Hard to tell here but Snakebite is not a natural hair color so won't use that again here either. Cygor Brown is, as always, too dang dark.

I also won't use Aggaros Dunes for hair either - it makes hair just a tad too yellow to be natural when Skeleton Horde gets it just right.

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  1. Your "experiments" are a useful resource . I've started playing around with Contrast Paints myself after reading around the subject on the internet.
    So far it has been limited to 20mm, Egyptians and Syrians and WW2 Germans.
    After some initial scepticism, I am impressed with the possibilities for speed painting.

    1. Thanks Neil - yeah they have some potential but they aren't uniformly good enough to do everything I need so it may be a mix and match kind of affair. It' tough for me to walk away from the layering (Dallimore/Dean) method I grew up with. Still .. I have a hundred+ lightly attired Zulus these would be perfect for.