Monday, February 28, 2011

25mm Foundry Moscow Militia Part 2

I've been talking about making an 1812 Russian retreat skirmish game forever and have been collecting bits and pieces for it for a long time. This is the first completed part with a much bigger part coming once the glue dries ...

I'll have a few proper 10 man units of Opelchenie in there but these are the extras I used to try out some ideas. 

To explain why these five aren't in the regular Russian army I gave them all gray or white hair to indicate they were too old to serve any longer.
One of the harder parts to execute effectively was the snow. I wanted a slushy muddy road and it took a fair amount of trial and error to get it satisfactory. I believe I'll have a tutorial on it later, stay tuned!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

25mm West Wind Sleepy Hollow Militia Part 2 Final

I prime and seal in batches of 12-14 at a time and three of these were a hold over from last time. I'm done with Colonial Horror but I wanted to get this last few in for completions sake. That's 38 figs in total. The next set will be West Winds Ichabod and Companions and the Town Elders.

I like the way these came out; they aren't particularly coherent as a unit but that's militia for ya. 
And here's the entire contents of the pack available through Old Glory at
If anybody has advice on how to improve the photography specifically please let me know. I do use the macro function and I do mess with the white balance yet my pics don't come out anywhere near satisfactorily for me.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

15mm Essex Colonial: Sudan British

These were painted easily over fifteen years ago but were on irregular uneven wooden bases. I rebased them to match the Mahdists I finished a couple weeks ago on steel 1/2" x 1/2" bases. The face/skin on the mounted officer was finished so I did the uniform and horse just yesterday to complete the unit.

This is the sole British unit I have for the Sudan period. These were to augment another players collection at game time.  I'll do Zulu War stuff before I do more with this period.

Nothing particular exciting about these.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

25mm West Wind Sleepy Hollow Militia Part 1

I envision these leading the Old Glory Minute Men units in the Colonial Horror thing I'm working on. I ran out of room to seal them all but here's the first half:
I've officially retired this way of doing flesh. It went like this (all GW paints): Dwarf Flesh, Flesh Ink, Dwarf Flesh again leaving the ink in the crevasses, Mix in Elf Flesh to Dwarf for highlights then Elf Flesh on it's own for final highlights. It looks too splotchy where the ink showed through so I'm now doing: Vallejo Marron Tan as the base, Dwarf Flesh to highlight, Elf Flesh for final highlights - a typical three layer build but then a final glaze of GW Ogryn Wash to harmonize it all together. I added a black wash for 5 o'clock shadow at the end here to mixed effect.

I really like these tufts. These particular ones are from Army Painter that I bought on a test basis. Pass. Buy more.
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25mm Old Glory Minute Men Part 3

These are the last of these for awhile. Three units of 10 plus the eight West Wind Sleepy Hollow Militia gives me a playable force of just under forty figs. There's 30 more from Old Glory to do, then the Blue Moon Sleepy Hollow stuff and finally the West Wind set with Ichabod and his aides. I have just to decide what exactly they are opposing. But I've lost interest in all this and am putting it aside til the Autumn.
Black and tan is the theme for this batch. Again I deliberately made the colors darker than I would have if they were to fight the Brits.

The sculpts vary wildly in style but they look ok en masse,
I have this weird leaf litter that looks more like orange and tan construction paper than leaves. Less is more I've learned and I want just enough to tie them into a Autumnal themed table.

I botched the front shot but here's the back; you're not missing much and I rushed the black leaving it less dynamic than I was hoping.
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