Sunday, June 30, 2013

15mm French & Indian War - Scratchbuilt Fort (half)

I haven't unpacked any of my buildings for the last three moves. This scratch built fort broke at the gate somewhere in there but it's back together here - I reckon I finished it in the late nineties?
There's six pieces to the whole thing: two wall corners, two block houses and their two roofs. The block houses are commercial products from some vendor I've now forgotten - I'm leaning towards Scenic Effects.
 It has occurred to me to base the whole thing on a scenic base and I haven't yet ruled that out but that's low on the priority list at the moment.
I suppose I should have put a roof on the watch tower but that would have tested my abilities quite a bit in those days..

I had the block houses first and then built the two wall section corners to connect them. All doweling, balsa and wood glue.
I added a store room with a platform above for an artillery piece.

If anyone recognizes the manufacturer of these let me know.

Here you can get a better idea of the pieces involved.

Minifigs 15mm AWI for reference

In the unlikely event I had to do another one, I'd make the vertical logs closer to the same height.
Bonus picture - I don't recall who made this one either (Scenic Effects?) but it suffered quite a bit in the move with the roof and based chipped pretty good.
Thanks all for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcome!