Tuesday, December 14, 2010

15mm French Foreign Legion: Bedouin & Tuaregs

I painted these Minifigs Bedouins I think on a plane when I was around 12. Oh yeah, I had, paints, an Xacto knife and superglue. This had to have been around 1982-83? It's one of the very first units I ever painted using washes almost exclusively. Zoom in at your peril.

Minifigs Bedouins
Minifigs Bedouins: My first arabs were painted so bad I deliberately did a simple job on these many years later so there'd be some continuity of some kind. That's true of most of this stuff.
Minifigs Tuaregs with Swords
Minifigs Crusader range if I recall correctly. Tuareg riflemen in back.
Up front here are Minifigs Crusades range mixed with Essex and Minifigs Tuareg command. Painted the same they blend in fairly well.
These Stone Mountain Tuaregs are painted with probably the most sophistication of all these and were completed maybe 6-7 years ago. One of the last units I added to this range.
Almost all Minifigs except for Essex mixed in the full unit to the right.
Overview detail
Terribly lit overview of the 10 infantry units. There was no Internet when over half the flags were painted so I guessed, guessed terribly wrong too but I won't repaint them.


  1. Very interesting basing scheme. Thanks for the link on TMP.

  2. great blog , one of the best. I used some of your street thugs on my latest post called Crime Town, if not ok I'll take em off, you can use anything you want from my blog.Stay in touch cos you are a gr4eat blogger

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. Super .. send me a link to your blog please - sounds like something I'd enjoy.

    It's been a while but I should have some new entries coming up in the next couple of weeks.