Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wood bases on a magnetic tray

Despite all precautions, my back was turned when the moving apes tilted this fully laden cabinet on its side to take it up the stairs. Every shelf is lined with magnetic sheeting and is mostly filled with steel based miniatures, primarily 15mm. I didn't have the heart to open this thing up for months, unwilling to face the destruction inside. When I finally screwed up the courage I was massively pleased; all the steel based miniatures held fast and there was no damage that I could tell to what amounted to a lifetimes worth of work. There was one exception:
Opening the top drawer of this miniatures chiffonier revealed the disaster seen here. This is not a recreation!
What better time to re-base these Arabs for FFL games? I got tired of moving all the individual figures and ensuring their spacing was mob like. So, figures who were rifle armed were based no more than 2 per base and melee weapon armed figures were based up to 4 per base, leaving command figures individually based and enough other quantities to deal with casualty removal.

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