Wednesday, December 15, 2010

15mm French Foreign Legion

Company overview. When I started these there was no internet and the only thing I had to go on for painting guides was the movie March or Die and some black and white images I Xeroxed off an old library book. I'm not repainting though I know the marching unit to the right rear has a "wtf" quality to it.

My only plan when I did these was to apply wash over a white overcoat. I've touched these up a bit over the years but in no way have I corrected their serious flaws. Generally, these weren't cleaned, primed or painted properly at all. Ah well, I'll claim youth and the "arms length" excuse ...=D

I re-based these when I re-did the Arabs and I'm really glad I did as the wooden ones they were on couldn't be described as uniform in any meaningful way. Basing them all at the same time brought some much needed cohesion to a force that had been painted over the course of almost 30 years.

The Stone Mountain firing unit and artillerymen were picked up at Historicon a few years back and brought to the standard of the existing units. However, they were glued so solidly to their round bases I couldn't get them off without serious damage to the them. I'da preferred that, since these need to be ranked up, they be on square bases but there ya go. 

Next up, a Mule Company painted up to modern standards (Better than all these) and some slightly lesser quality cavalry for both sides. Questions, comments and followers welcome!

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