Sunday, January 16, 2011

25mm Old Glory Boxer Rebellion European Civilian Volunteers

None of these figs will see China but are instead an armed group for a Victorian London game I've been building for a few years.

I've revised the way I do skin and am thus a bit unhappy with these but they are still quite serviceable. This particular unit is in black which I hate doing because due to the subtlety of the highlights I never feel like I quite achieved the pop I'd see on more colorful miniatures.

Here the faulty skin technique is really apparent - especially the guy on the right - Stan Laurel?. Collectively these scored a 6 on CMON - fair enough, though I think the mediocre photography helped limit their appeal.

I really like these sculpts. There's definitely some "Hey Steve" figs in here but overall they look ok.


  1. Your minis look great! Do you really get 30 in a pack? Seems too good a deal to be true if this is the quality of the sculpts!