Thursday, August 22, 2019

28mm Reaper - Warlord - Railor, Necropolis Sergeant

The final and fourth session of my experiments with Citadel Contrast colors yielded the final three miniatures of the original 39. Pretty good looking figures for a minimum of effort. Plus I cleaned out several small storage drawers of ghosts and other haunted things, making room for newer stuff near my increasingly overcrowded work station. 
All this brought up new problems however: storing nigh 40 mostly oversized minis. I already have tons of troop trays for rank and file figures, but not much for these relatively big-based and tall models. 
This one was painted identically as the Reaper Spectre also posted today with almost the same considerations: principally that blue and black don't look great together,and two, all translucent blue feels cheap for this great figure. Like that spectre, Contrast Templar Black for the robes, Contrast Basilicanum Grey on the skin followed by some highlighting with the brush on Grayseer in the traditional three, four layer manner. Glowing red eyes finished it off.
The gravestone also got a light drybrush of off-white. I do like these Contrast paints, but to me they have a very specific purpose: to quickly cover large models with a single coat of paint. i would not want to be doing Napoleonics or much in the historical side of things where there's a lot of equipment or complex uniforms. The three colors I've been using though have been great for this project.
It's weird that this guy is a "sergeant". Cowardice, leadership deficiencies - is this what plagues undead armies in the field that they need supernatural NCOs? Robot leaders are similarly stupid conceptually. That's a bit a lore I'm going to jettison immediately.
 Thanks for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!

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