Monday, August 5, 2019

28mm Reaper - Harkus, Ghost King, Ghost Queen & Ghost Warrior

Day 2 of my ethereal creatures project with Citadel Contrast paints yielded up twelve completed figures. These three were blistered individually, but now comprise a single "classic" set. They are thematically similar so I put them together. These were also the low hanging fruit in that they required no detail work apart from the bases. Each done in a couple minutes with one undiluted coat of Contrast Aethermatic Blue.
Harkus, the Ghost King - (I didn't vote for him.)
On complex minis like these, one does have to take care to cover it completely - missed spots are glaringly obvious - especially with the Black Templar. Even here I found spots I missed that I went back and filled in.

The Ghost Queen - it did occur to me that I could make a good chess set with all these - just enough duplicates for the key rear-ranking figures fronted by the miscellany as pawns.
The Ghost Warrior - In a world where ghosts don't exist this could be frightening, but in fantasy settings his "weapon" is somewhat less than threatening - Beware The Tickler!
The stones under this one and Harkus were done with Contrast Basilicanum Grey. I doesn't get simpler.

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