Monday, August 5, 2019

25mm WOTC - Silver Anniversery - Lesser Vampire

Day 2 of my ethereal creatures project with Citadel Contrast paints yielded up twelve completed figures. These are among my least favorite - I already have two more totaling four now, having picked them up cheap at store closures years ago. The other two are painted as I think intended, as lesser vampires. But they seemed ethereal to me with the floating heights of the model. Hard to tell here, but the eyes are glowing red; there's not a lot of real estate to work on for the eyes but it's evident up close.

Stones done in Contrast Basilicanum Grey, hair on the figure at right in Contrast Templar Black. It's tempting on this one on the right to do some other part on it like the cloth or the skin but I know I'll never get around to doing it. I probably will do the stones that got kicked up in the shroud - there's no reason why they would be ethereal.
Here's my first attempt at this model in what I guessed was a burial shroud.  I have another finished one around somewhere too. This one was finished and photographed in the early 00s.
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