Monday, June 4, 2018

[placeholder] 25mm Old Glory, Napoleonic French, Center Company, March Attack in Great Coats

The star of this campaign is actually the voltigeur company, however. I couldn't resist including other elements of the regiment - the Colonel, sapeur and color guard are here:

What will follow are what's left of the fourth company. the first, second and third companies have been destroyed, lost, captured or are otherwise unavailable when we start.

To kick off, here are the two surviving officers and the lone drummer. The rank and file will follow shortly. Note that this game will feature a 1:1 figure ratio.

Little rough on the 5'oclock shadow, but still he came out ok.

Here I've finally alighted on what will be my paint recipe for all French Blue uniforms from here on out: All from Reaper Master Series: Shadow: Nighshade Purple, Base: Midnight Blue, Highlight: Twilight Blue. (The swatches on the Reaper site are not correct.)
As always, evidence of haste in the sculpting of OG figures. No apparent belt or strap for the gourd canteen. Still, nice, simple figure to paint up.

Foundry Drummer.
Two NCOs and thirty others are very much in progress, nearing completion and will be featured here shortly lest I finish the Eureka Cossacks, also well along, first.

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