Monday, June 4, 2018

25mm Napoleonic French, Tête de Colonne [Edit - 6/21/18 - added Fanion Bearer]

Finally starting to add in the French for this campaign game. I actually like painting figures that are the same so I'm not worried about not having something interesting to do later so these will precede the rank and file.
 As I envision this game, it will have a  1:1  figure ratio. That means this is the only color party that will be portrayed on the French side. I am zooming in on what's left of a French battalion with the voltigeur company being the star of the campaign. However, here I am going to model elements of the battalion command as well as what's left of the fourth company. There should be drummers, but I've delegated them to the 4th instead of the battalion command.
The Perry "Retreat from Moscow" range will be folded in and with other odds and ends, but line infantry will represent other battalions than this one.
This is an Old Glory (OG) figure. I added the scarf. Flag by GMB. GMB flags are too big for OG poles so once this figure was sealed. I snipped off the pole at about a quarter inch from the eagle, wrapped and glued the flag around what remained, then dropped the stub and eagle back in to the hole at top. So yes, there's basically a hollow gap in there but the flag itself is quite sturdy so I'm not worried too much about it all crumpling.

Prior to that maneuver I had every intention of painting up my own flag that fit precisely, but abandoned it midway through. I may still finish it someday, but it's not quite right upon close inspection, though all that was left to do on this side was some highlights and the gold lettering over the brown.

Foundry Deuxième & Troisième guards. I wasn't comfortable putting in the stripes on their arms so left them off. I also haven't seen a clear representation of the lettering on the halberd pennants so left those off too. The carabinier helms are sufficient to visually call them out.

A Foundry regimental Sapeur. For the coat, I did the Foundry Napoleonic French Blue triad, right out of the bottles.
Once I got to painting this guy I came up with "Pierre Roquefort" as his jokey name and it kind of stuck, you know, son of a cheese monger who meritocratic rise puts him at the head of this battalion in time for the Russian Campaign. Since I'm still waiting for voltigeur cornetists in greatcoats, Roquefort will be attached to the remnants of the 4th company instead. That's on the workbench now, where I've made considerable progress of late.
Late addition - I prefere the Old Glory Eagle bearer to this one that came with the above figures, but didn't want to sideline him. So I added a battalion flag instead. The fanion is scratch built out of wine foil and the design occurred to me as I was sitting there, totally imaginary. Though I have seen many that appear to have been inserted into a musket barrel, I wanted something more substantial. I suppose the "4" could represent the 4th Regiment or the 4th battalion. I also assume that whoever assigned to carry a fanion would be attached at the brigade/regiment, not the company level, hence the white pop-pom.
 Thanks for looking- questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!

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  1. Some very nice painting there. Agree GMB flags can be a bit oversized, more so for the French than British though.