Thursday, June 21, 2018

28mm Warlord Napoleonic French Engineers

These were designed with Waterloo in mind, but I've taken them to Russia. I can't find a whole lot of info on shako wearing engineers, but I assume there must be a origin for these guys. I think sculpture notes ought to be available for customers.

Instead of the guy swinging the shovel - basically a duplicate figure of the guy swinging the pick axe, I wish I had received the stabby bayonet guy as seen in the Warlord stock photo:

Not a whole lot to say about these other than I was trying out an alternate blue strategy for the coats: Polly-S "Sea Blue N.S." lightened by adding Vallejo Game Color "Cold Gray". I'm always struck by how black French uniforms appear and I think I kind of accomplished that here.

If I may say so, I like the way the shovel heads and pick axe blades turned out.
 (Pre-painted building by Pegasus Hobbies)

How to use them in a game is unclear - I may give a bonus to foraging parties who have an engineer attached to knock down doors, then roll for supplies, etc. For the campaign, if any of these five should fall, they are not replaceable so folks might want to keep them safe or use them sparingly.  But what if Cossacks are pressing in and food/powder is again dangerously low?

Still have some line infantry nearing completion, but I do, like everyone else, get sidetracked from time to time. Thanks for looking- questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!


  1. I do like the diversity of the poses, and the paint job is superb...just like the presentation!

  2. Great looking figures. The guy swinging the shovel looks like he's winding up to hit a six out of the ground, to use a cricketing reference.

  3. You can use them as engineers frantically trying to build and repair the French-held pontoons at Aspern-Essling,1809..