Friday, June 22, 2018

15mm Hovels' Procession of Monks

Remember these? I painted these over 10 years ago for my Vikings games. See here for that blog entry.
Last year though I received a half dozen more as a bonus for ordering a bunch of 15mm English/Rural buildings and accessories from Hovels. Pretty sure they always throw in some extras with each order. I think I also got a well in here too?
They are easy enough to paint, uncomplicated figures, lightly equipped, so I tackled them from start to finish this morning thinking they were identical to the ones I already had above. Not so - turns out these are noticeably bigger. Enough to make the others appear as child acolytes. 
Originals at left - newer ones at right.
Presumably, the newer ones are available here:
Again - originals at left - newer ones at right. The modern me wanted to highlight them one more time, but decided I'd rather they fit in with the originals so left it as pictured here.
The size difference is much more apparent in the side-by-side.
The newer ones, though bigger, are slightly worse than the originals - faces in particular are almost a blank canvas. Free is free however.
Can't get a non-blurry shot of these, but you get the idea.
 Thanks for looking! Now back to Napoleonics ...

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  1. A beautiful and impressive procession, very nice job!