Friday, December 16, 2011

25mm Ravenloft - Ivana Boritsi

This and the West Wind Librarian were test models I started when looking for killer Red recipes - the bane of black under-coaters everywhere!

I came across two suggestions for the foundation - both luckily enough from Vallejo. Ironically, Citadel's Foundation Mechrite Red is too light, It covers perfectly but then has to be shaded down to get shade levels done - that's a step I'd rather not do. I prefer a simple dark-to-light build.

On to the paint: This was the lighter of the two options for shade levels: Burnt Cadmium Red. In this case I highlighted with Citadel Game Color Blood Red to which I added increasing amounts of something that I now forget ...=/ It was an orange or yellow of some kind.

However, on this model the details are so delicate I ended up dry brushing the whole thing with many subtle layers. It should be clear to most observers that this was FAR TOO subtle and the figure doesn't pop at all. I regard this one as a failed experiment.

Botched basing too - I'm not particularly happy with many of the choices I made with this one. Still - nice character, lessons learned ...
Thanks for looking! Questions, comments and followers are welcome.

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