Friday, December 16, 2011

25mm Old Glory Cossack Civilians Part 2/3

I don't have a whole lot to say about these that I haven't said in the first post in this series but I do enjoy painting civilian figures - light on equipment and no uniform so they are fun to experiment with.

Clearly I'm still struggling with photograph lighting. No matter what i do they require a lot of post-manipulation. I try something new at every sessions and can't seem to get it right ...

I remember failing on the eyes so profoundly when I started these I allowed myself to consider them "good enough" given my deteriorating vision ...

In the Errors You Would Never Notice category is my failure to paint the bands keeping the pony tail together. Would you accept that they just knotted their hair? No? ok.

This is a terrific pack from Old Glory - great characters!

Difficult to tell the difference but I did many different methods of black here. One recipe was simply black and white in increasing levels. Another was black brought up with Shadow Gray, another with black brought up with khaki - so many options that work. I hope you can discern the differences here in some way.

The far right figure has the skin of a VERY large wolf. I'd do it differently were I to do it again.
Thanks all for looking - Questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!

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