Saturday, December 3, 2011

25mm Old Glory Cossack Civilians Part 1/3

This is the first part of three Cossack civilian sets for the 1812 skirmish campaign.
Lots of Cossack costuming on the web but none of it matches what's on the sculpts so I went "peasant-y" with reds and blues to give a little color.

I muddied up the base of the dresses and legs to represent splashed mud.

With civilians I take the opportunity to use them for experiments and try out color schemes for other projects. Some are good - others not so much. The hood on the gal on the left is a classic fail in execution - but I rarely fix that kind of thing - they're peasants after all ...

The children ... I think in retrospect I should have paired up a few mother-with-child-vignettes but too late now
Parts 2 and 3 coming up soon ...
And as always, questions and comments are welcome and encouraged ... Thanks for looking!


  1. Very nice work. I'm very interested in you 1812 project. Will be checking back for more updates. Best, Dean

  2. Pleasant results. Of course such Eastern Europe civilians can appear in other countries of the area, and any time between the late 17th C. and the mid-19th C.? Specially for an 'imaginative' campaign ('alternate' or 'what-if?' History, 'Horror / Pulp'....