Friday, December 16, 2011

25mm West Wind The Librarian

This was the other Red experiment. The base color being Vallejo's Black Red - one of the miracle products from Vallejo - one coat over black - lovely foundation for deep reds. Vallejo's Burnt Cadmium Red goes right over this as the base colorand can then be highlighted very easily. In this case I believe I used Vallejo Game Color Blood Red. No mixing - just the three colors straight out of the bottle.
The eyes are, to me, a mess on this sculpt as they are hidden behind glasses and under bulky eyebrows. "Do your best," I told myself ...
I based this one in a way similar to the Victorian Horror thing I'm doing. Meh ...The painting part is easier but the most effective results comes in the building up the base part so there's no awful slopes or steps. The goal here is high quality GAMING miniatures so I'll let the modeling slide at times ...

Micron pen inexpertly applied. There's a chance I didn't highlight the page edges! Would you have noticed?
Thanks for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcome!

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