Monday, March 11, 2024

25/28mm North Star - Silver Bayonet - Goblins

 Though I own most of the Silver Bayonet range, these are the first to be completed for me. Austrians up next. 

I started by copying the box art, but then changed my mind half way through.

I used a lot of ProAcryl and Two Thin Coats paints and love them both! So easy o blend with them, great coverage and perfect matte finishes.
Some speed paint effects remain - the handles, blades, wood, and buttons. I really like Speed Paints 2.0 metallics just on their own.
Primed in Citadel Gray Seer followed by a black wash, I was going to speed paint the lot but have been unhappy with how those models have turned out. After using a Contrast flesh tone on the faces I decided to redo them in my traditional layered way. Some of the Contrast runs served as a base coat and the rest I just painted it from scratch.

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  1. I've not seen these miniatures before, very nice indeed! They have a real malevolent look about them, very sinister looking characters, great work on them,

  2. Thanks! The whole Silver Bayonet range is great!

  3. Your blog is a beacon of wisdom in the vast online landscape.