Wednesday, November 15, 2023

15mm ACW - Stone Mountain - Ragged Rebs Firing

A brief foray into 15mm begins here with a generic Virginia regiment for Johnny Reb.

I was watching game play videos of War of Rights and got inspired to get in and whip out a regiment. Now, to be clear, I don't need anymore Confederate units painted up, but I have an unpainted brigade in the storage trays and just decided to dip in using Contrast/Speed paints. Won't take long, methinks, lovely figures at the end.

All that said, this is the worst thing I've painted all year - I don't like the pants, the patches, the blanket rolls, the faces. I also didn't clean them up very well so there are seams everywhere. Plus, as I've learned, speed paint works best with lots of fine details, not with, let's be honest, pretty poor sculptures with few folds, shallow textures and merely suggestive anatomy and gear.

That's not to say Stone Mountain (SM) minis don't have their charm - they do, but I think my older, layer painted SM minis from two decades ago appear better than these do. So - lesson learned!

Here's the WIPs, undertaken with high optimism!

The other two regiments in the brigade are from Essex - where speed paints may very well work better - will have to wait for inspiration to strike again.

Another thing, perhaps my largest number of painted figures are 15mm ACW figures, and well over half of them are not pictured anywhere on this blog! They are pretty old, among my earliest painting endeavors. Most units are solid, a couple execrable, and a few that are pretty good. I'll schedule a photo shoot and get them up here in the next few months. 

Meanwhile, here's some more staged shots:  

Ugh - the basing annoys me too, but they are in keeping with the rest of the army. Were I to start over, I would use more of the billion tufts I made and make the grass more uneven, with bare patches of earth in the customary fashion. 

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