Saturday, June 18, 2022

25mm/28mm Cemetery Potpourri #1

 I know the source of almost half of these - if you identified anything I couldn't, please let me know in the comments.

Everything but the Renedra

Pic A.  All but the three strip at left front are resin of some kind. If anyone recognizes the manufacturer I'll be happy to credit them.

Pic B.   These are all from the same manufacturer except for the verdi gris 18th century general in the back left.

Pic C.   All resin - came in the same set. Manufacturer?

These are Armorcast Terraform - very lazy one-shot application of various Citadel Contrast colors.

Pic D.   The one at left is West Wind - not sure about the other two. These are Flames of War bases

All Armorcast Terraform here. Four of these had a destroyed version to its right.

Pic E.   Can't remember who made these - any help? The center seems very obviously a Bishop from a chess set

Pic F.    Random set of resin headstones - another lazy Basilicanum Gray Contrast - no highlighting.
West Wind with a pair of Citadel flankers - Contrast Basilicanum Gray again but with a dry brush of off-white to finish. (I'm getting better!)


Pic G.     Lazy Contrast again - these lead quartet came in a single blister - anyone recognize them? They are very very ugly.

Two from Reaper - the pillar though is resin and comes from one of the unidentified sets above

Armorcast Terraform - their destroyed versions below. Even the grass is destroyed!

Pic H.    Couple oddball ones I can't identify. Is the one on the right from RAFM? Came with a gargoyle?

Pic I.    More rando ones - no clue who made them. The one on the right with the cross is not part of the other three and is metal instead of resin.


This entry concludes most of the bigger monument style memorials. Lots more strips of 2-3 headstones, and the mausoleums and crypts to do yet, but may are in progress. 

Thanks for looking - questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged! I'm doing more and more on Facebook so follow my page there too!

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