Friday, September 13, 2019

15/18mm Blue Moon - ECW - Civilians

In between all the ghosts and Contrast paint, I've been quietly putting together these vignettes for an upcoming ECW project using exclusively Blue Moon minis - criminally underrated in my view! That's an old Gallia house in the background.
The gents steps in between his lady and danger.
Fists clenched, the boy is ready for a scrap while his uncle hides behind his mum.
"Surely, Vicar, in every government there must be somewhat fundamental, somewhat like a Magna Charta, that should be standing and unalterable…that Parliaments should not make themselves perpetual is a fundamental. Do you not agree?”
Haven't yet sealed these, hence the bothersome shine.
English Gothic
"The fields won't tend to themselves, war or no bloody war."
"Right chooar flower, I'll have a pint ready for yeh, when ye coom back."
"If they coom any closeh, run to the 'ouse w'all speede".
Bonus: with the flash on
And the initial shot sans the house.
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  1. Fine Indeed!.. One period that has always drawn me to want to collect and game... I tried DBR, FoG;R but never got any traction. I have a OG Polish army just wasting away begging me to get back to it. I have always wanted a ECW army (Cromwells New Model). Will be watch your progression closely.

  2. Thanks Mad! I hope I didn't err in starting up ECW. I'm making 40 figure regiments so they are quite large and thus time consuming to complete with all the other interests I have. I'll have a few more entries here shortly then we'll see how I feel about it. I wouldn't get rid of them but they've already been back burnered for awhile.

  3. Wonderful civilians and scenery, well done, splendid pics!

  4. I really like your civilians, Peter!