Friday, June 21, 2019

Who did it better? 41 year old me or the 48 year old me?

Navel gazing here ... A seven year spread exists between finishing these two sets of Old Glory Minutemen. The reds (at left) were finished today in July of 2019- the browns in early 2011. I think that's an ACW Confederate head on the captain at right. Long untidy beards in the AWI? Methinks not.
This was the genius of Old Glory - creating infinite variety by simply swapping out heads. It's the reason I frequently give OG props for innovation - nobody was doing this when they came on the scene - and it's a quick, simple way to spice up your rank and file with no effort.

Some of the heads they chose weren't all that good however. On to a new flesh recipe these days.

The James Madison - I followed the eye detail better this time around. The reds however are kinda flat to me.

Also true is that there are some clunky sculpts in this range.

The tan and red at left is ugly. Add in a green shirt and it's quite repellent.

Again, I'm better with the eyes this time around.

Much more dynamism with the browns here.

I really prefer this brown recipe at right - Citadel Scorched to Beasty as I recall.

Three different versions of this body - one in brown - and one below in the black & tan unit.

Three different versions of this body - one in brown - and one below in the black & tan unit.

I swear that's another ACW Confederate head on the guy at left.
Man at right is nice and squinty.

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  1. What a fascinating exercise and great to see the changes in style and palette between the years. I think it is inevitable that somethings become easier the more we do them, whilst other details become less important. For example, I have stopped painting eyes in as much details, partly because of my own failing eyesight and secondly the realisation that it makes little difference when they are on the table. Would both the 2011 and 2019 versions be seen together? If so I would love to see a photograph of them all, I bet that would look amazing!

  2. Impressive and splendid details!

  3. Pretty cool to be able to put figures from the same range and pretty much the same pose that were painted 7 years apart. I’ve got some figures that I painted almost 10 years ago and some of them make me cringe.
    While I’m sure there are big differences to the naked eye, in the pics it’s harder to tell.
    Interesting post! 😀

  4. Either set is quite suitable for its purpose, but I think the newer ones are a bit better. That being said, the older skin recipe is possibly a bit better... at least in photographs, which may not match reality!

  5. Thanks gents! I have other duplicates on a very large deck - probably an 8-9 year spread on them at my current rates. =D