Monday, April 22, 2019

Queens, NYC - 2002

Thought you might get a kick out of my hobby space from seventeen years ago. At the time I lived in Jackson Heights, Queens - not too far from where Malcolm X had lived.

I notice many of those minis that are "on deck" here have still never been completed. I just pack'em up and move them with me and I think I've lived in over half a dozen places since this one.

That was my wargames table - not the biggest I've ever had, but not too far off sadly. And there were the beginnings of my Dwarven Forge dungeon set up - I've added many more sets since then. And all that sat cozily next to my console systems - yet another strong competitor for my time. Behind me in both of these shots are a row of bookcases I used to line one wall and to then divide the room.
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  1. That´s one heck of a Collection of paints in such a small space.

  2. Aye Paul - no slim-profiled dropper bottles at that point.

  3. LOL! A truly proper painting table, twelve square feet and less than one to paint on! My table also looked like that 17 years ago and still does.

  4. Hehe - it's similar today though now I also have a figure prepping table that also has about 12 inches of usable space. I prep on one then move it to the other. The painting half is clearing up though recently. Plus I have about 70 different things that are about 70% completed that will come off soon. Stuff gets folded in all the time though.