Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hypothesis: white glue can work as a small seam filler? Pt II

The short answer is that it's inconclusive. It filled smaller seams, and cut the severity of larger ones. As many said, it did shrink down significantly, but it was still enough to do the most important part - to disguise the fact that the tree was in several parts and assembled. It may have worked on that score, but I'll let you judge.

Now, and being slightly unfair to myself - I looked for the most glaring inadequacy on each tree. Truthfully, I had to kind of hunt for much of it so in many ways it did work. Perhaps I should just reapply at these trouble spots?

Once painted up, I don't know if this will be noticeable particularly.

That corner? Decidedly unnatural.

Heh - I notice as many opportunities for filing down as I do filling in.

What do you all think? Keep on messing with it or just get on with it? I think an acrylic gel medium may do it, but I'm just this side of past caring about it.

Thanks for looking - Questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged.

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  1. I actually find GW's liquid greenstuff to be really good, should work well on top of your pva first fill!
    Best Iain