Sunday, March 12, 2017

Getting backed up here!

Prepping minis for painting is much quicker than the actual painting - such that I get that satisfied, efficacious feeling with more frequency than I do by actually painting!. But now I can barely advance on this relaxing activity. And the cold weather has put a halt to my priming. In fact, it looks like yet another whole week of sub-optimal temperatures.
All 1812 Russian Retreat stuff here: crowds of Perry, Eureka, Front Rank, Foundry, Old Glory & other miscellany have shut down the aforementioned avenue of pleasure. The obvious solution: finish painting some units and move some of these from On Deck to In Progress.
To the right of the chair, behind me when I paint, is a small 3'x4'something table filled with winter trees, almost 200 primed but unpainted French, French Ligne & Voltigeurs and a large village of Russian buildings and fencing.
In Progress: Cossacks, French ADC's, French dragoons, abandoned cannon, a pair of Marshal Neys, ACW & ECW commanders, pirates, the King's Lifeguard of Foote (cue harpsichord riff), Victorian adventurers and more crowd the table.
Anyone else in similar straits?


  1. I cherish this post; it's refreshing to see that I'm not alone!

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