Monday, March 20, 2017

Cigar Box Battle Plush Mat - Just Fields - 4' x 6'

First, I have criticized some of the artistic decisions made by Cigar Box Battle (CBB) - primarily on the rendering of tall objects (hedges, fencing, trees, etc) on a two dimensional surface - I'd rather they, if there needs to be a wood, render a forest floor instead of the tree tops. Just omit hedges and walls - we can model those ourselves in the precise spot we 'd like them. Criticism aside, I LOVE this new plush mat - Love it! What a simply beautiful accessory.

Before the pics I'll add too that service was rapid - Saturday to Saturday from order to delivery. Nice work. I will bitch about the deliverer who left it on the stair uncovered and in the rain. it came in a plastic envelope and had an interior plastic bag so no harm no foul, but still - what a risk!

The mat itself, my young daughters couldn't stop touching it as it was so soft and it does resemble a comfortable plush blanket in all of it's tactile features. In another world, it would serve beautifully as a wargame themed blanket - who wouldn't want to curl up under the battlefield of La Haye Saint, for example?

A particular plague on my specific hobby enjoyment is lack of a large table, permanent or even temporary. The table I have is littered with Russia 1812 stuff and I don't have the wherewithal to relocate it all at present so these quick shots will have to do:. Below is the thing just folded up and on the counter:

Hedges are scratch built by yours truly, building - an old Gallia model begging to be repainted to my current standards, and random trees from realms long forgotten.

I'll have better shots at a later date but couldn't resist posting.

Thanks for looking,Questions, comments and followers are welcome and encouraged!