Friday, October 7, 2016

Caribbean Horror - Voodoo Wars!: The Forces of Darkness

Baron Savoodie launches the attack! This is West Wind's Baron Savoodie and Priestesses, thirty OG Voodoo Warriors, Mama Magumbi's two Voodoo Warriors, and the four nameless Dr. Meraux's Assistants.

Madam Magumbi's henchmen also got the face paint treatment. That's one in the white shorts ...

And the other is in the white shirt, gray pants at front. the West Wind stuff is significantly bigger than the OG stuff but still all harmonizes nicely.
The Doctor's party guests were murdered some time ago, but they still can be of use to Mama Magumbi!

This is West Wind's Mama Magumbi, ten West Wind Zombies, and ten zombies from Brigade Games.

Five of the Brigade Games zombies are undead type and the other five are more classic mind-controlled zombie servants seen at right. Better pictures of all of these already exist on this blog but wanted to get it all in one place.
Thanks for looking. Comments are welcome and encouraged!

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