Thursday, October 6, 2016

25mm - Old Glory - Voodoo Warriors

Finally! All the figures for this game are done - oh, I may be missing the West Wind Steamer Crew I may pick up later but for now I'm done.

Normally, I would do more blending and layering on the skin but I wanted to try the Foundry Dark African Flesh Triad straight out of the bottle.

Still have some buildings and more jungle terrain to finish and this game is done and playable. They were designed for pirates but having reread Call of Cthulhu, they could easily be Louisiana Cthulhu cult worshipers. This whole game could be dressed in Lovecraftian touches without too much trouble.

I also thought I'd do more skeleton paint on some figs but chickened out and opted to keep them simple.

These could potentially be "leader figures" so I tried to so some in bright Caribbean colors. These are actually from Old Glory's really nice Pirate range:

I did the whole pack of 30 but distributed as above for casualty removal.
Thanks for looking - Questions and comments are welcome!


  1. Great looking porject. What kind of rules will you be using?

  2. Unclear what I'll end with but there are a ton of options to start with: Chaos in Carpathia, EOTD, IHMN, etc. I may try and actually work out the Gothic Horror rules themselves. Yes, they are a mess but they are easily fixable in my view.

  3. Nice project! Do you have a spare unpainted black guy ? I need one for my Dracula's America project. I will arm him with a spear.

  4. Alas - I do not. I do want to add in the Dracula's America Congregation figures - there's a natural harmony there.