Monday, November 16, 2015

15mm Minifigs Pirates Part 2

Pirate Captains with Rifles - These, I believe, were in Limeys & Slimeys ship packs as well as all of the models below - half rifles, half with blunderbusses.

Not sure what rules to use yet - I imagine a points system where you each sculpt determines what he has in the game. Also I imagine a bigger land invasion force a la Morgan, more like Pirate wars than a single ship crew.
Pirates with Rifles

I got to thinking when I set these up that they might be a pain to move so I made up two bases with two figs on each. In retrospect I should have put them on circle bases.

Pirates with Blunderbusses

Same as the rifles I made two stands with two figures on them.

I don't think there are any identical figures with the same paint scheme - I alternated the linen cloth on many - it's subtle but they are different.
See the rest of the 15mm Minifigs Pirates here:

Thanks for looking!


  1. What a splendid group of pirates, great job!

  2. Excellent 'fine' painting of these rogues. Almost makes me want to roll some dice and get them into action!!