Saturday, March 21, 2015

25mm West Wind's Gothic Horror Evil Henchmen

These were finished last year but I couldn't get cooperative weather enough to seal them until March!
I went more impressionistic than ever on the bases which I will not do again.

I'm not thrilled with how these turned out - I liked the skin and faces but that's about it.

Thanks for looking!


  1. They look great to me. The faces & skin tones are what these miniatures are about they are henchmen so their clothes need to be nondescript.

  2. The last one just screams, "Pleathe, don't hit me, Marthter!"

    Great work - as Rob said, they fit the bill perfectly!

  3. Fantastic minis, faces are so expressive...great job!

  4. Thanks all! I bought a light box with lights so hopefully that fixes my, just weird, photos.